Rebirth of CoD4 is here!

Call of Duty 4 strikes again with the 10.000€ Challenge in Prague on the 10-11th of August 2013. Best shoutcasters in Call of Duty 4 history, luxury venue and all top players attending with their teams! Thats our great event, so don’t miss your chance to be part of it and prepare yourself with your team for the trip to the capital city of heart of Europe – Czech republic.

Date: 10-11. August
System: 5vs5 Search & Destroy
Format: groups BO1 + play off BO3
Teams: 10-30
Registrations and payments: OPENED
Tournament start: Saturday 10th of August – 9:00

Admin team: 

Graham “messioso” Pitt – head admin #1
Jan “paradox-” Duchoň – head admin #2
Petr “hectic” König – admin
Jan “rabbi” Havel – admin

Coverage team: 

Lauren “Pansy” Scott – shoutcaster
Stuart “TosspoT” Saw – shoutcaster
Alex “machine” Richardson – shoutcaster
James “duffa” Duffield – production
Gareth “ViTAL” Reynolds – production

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